GPS buddi Tracking Device For Friends & Family


Buddi GPS Locator (Image courtesy Navigadget)
By Andrew Liszewski

‘buddi limited’ is a UK company already known for their petbuddi GPS tracking system that allows you to always know the location of your pets if you’re the type who just lets them roam the neighborhood. (Screw responsibility!) Well it looks like the company has decided that if the technology is good enough for dogs it must be good enough for humans too. But instead of being worn on a special collar the people-buddi is small enough to fit in your pocket or worn hanging from a belt loop or large set of keys.

Like with the petbuddi, the people-buddi uses a combination of GPS and GSM to notify a network about your location at preset intervals. When someone wants to find you they can either contact the company’s customer support line or login to their website to see your position on an interactive map.

The buddi is expected to cost around $600 and will require a $40 monthly service fee which at least includes 24/7 customer support.

[ buddi ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]


  1. That’s ridiculous! Mologogo does all this and so much more on your own phone. However, most phones don’t allow java apps to access the GPS data, so an $80 Boost mobile phone (plus thirty five cents per day for data, which works out to be about $10/month) is an extremely affordable solution.

    I’ve had a huge boner for these guys as soon as I heard of what they’re doing, definitely worth investigating.