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GPS Tracking System Lets You Find Your Car Anywhere

GPS Tracking System Lets You Find Your Car Anywhere

Intellitrac X1

By Luke Anderson

I’m not really a paranoid person. I grew up in the country, so I rarely lock my car these days (unless I have my bag of gadgets with me). I’m lucky if I remember to lock up the house when I leave. That said, I’m hardly concerned about someone driving off in my car. However, if you’re the type that think everyone is out to get behind the wheel of their vehicle, you might like this GPS tracking system from Intellitrac.

The X1 has a multitude of features, which can be used in various ways. It has real-time GPS/GSM tracking that will let you find your car in as little time as possible. Other features like mileage logging and wiretapping (you can actually listen to what’s going on in the car) make me think that some parents might enjoy using this to keep track of their teenage drivers. It even features a 3-day backup battery (just in case).

They haven’t found a distributer just yet, so we won’t get any juicy information on pricing or availability just yet.

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