Griffin Helo TC iPhone Controlled Helicopter (Images courtesy Griffin and Tech Digest)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes writing about a seemingly endless stream of iPhone add-ons can get a little boring. We understand how important a nice case can be, but accessories that are genuinely fun make for a nice break in our routine. So thanks to Griffin for revealing their new Helo TC RC Helicopter, part of their AppPowered line, which is of course controlled by your iOS device. Presumably via Bluetooth or wifi, since IR would require an add-on dongle.

The chopper can be controlled using a traditional on-screen flight stick, or by tilting your device in the “Tilt-to-fly” mode which relies on its accelerometer to detect your movements. And once you think you’re hot stuff you can record up to 3 different flight routines which can be triggered and reflown at the push of a button. On a half-hour USB-tethered charge the Helo TC will fly for up to 8 minutes, and when you eventually crash an included spare set of rotors will get you back in the air quickly. Available just in time to be included on Christmas wish lists this year, for ~$56. (£34.99)

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