Griffin LightBoard (Images courtesy Griffin)
By Andrew Liszewski

You have to be a brave soul to let your kids anywhere near your iPad with magic markers in hand (are they really that magic?) but I like what Griffin has created here. It’s a shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell that turns your iPad into a tracing desk, allowing kids to slip in a standard letter-sized piece of paper and trace out an image to be colored in later. Now I know that some of you are recoiling in horror thinking about the ink that might soak through onto your iPad’s display, but the case also includes a polycarbonate transparent screen shield, so in theory it’s completely safe.

There’s an accompanying LightBoard Trace app that’s free to download which includes 35 tracing patterns, animations and even a game that teaches kids how to write their names, but I like the flexibility of also being able to just trace out any old image on screen. My dreams of an L.A. Law themed coloring book might finally come to fruition! $39.99 available directly from Griffin.

[ Griffin LightBoard ] VIA [ Gearlog ]


  1. Cool, thanks for the tip. There's an iPhone app that turns your name into a coloring book, well, actually incorporates your name into the coloring book artwork rather. It's called Color My Name in app store, my 5 year old loves it.