Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is Made From 100% Cheese


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Because the world doesn’t have enough foods that can give you heart disease, we’re happy to bring you news of the 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It’s… pretty much what it sounds like. It’s made by Nick from DudeFoods, who discovered something called “Bread Cheese” by the Carr Valley Cheese Company while on a Wisconsin Cheese Tour. Seeing the novel cheese got him wondering if he could turn it into something more… interesting.

What if I were to make a grilled cheese sandwich that used this cheese in place of bread? A grilled cheese sandwich that was 100% cheese! I had no idea if it would even work, but right on the packaging Carr Valley actually recommends sautéing this cheese in a skillet. Plus, the cheese is already partially baked in an oven — hence the dark brown spots on it — so I figured it would be worth a shot.

So Nick took the block of cheese, cut it in half, stuffed it with the very wholesome American Cheese and put it on a pan.

It turned out way better than I even expected. The bread cheese softened up a bit, but completely kept its shape, while the American cheese melted perfectly in the middle. Long story short, the sandwich was delicious!

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[ DudeFoods ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]


  1. Most grocery stores carry this product but call it “Juusto Cheese.” It’s delicious but makes for a heavy meal. Use this to stuff inside portobello mushrooms and put on the grill!