grobag egg Room Thermometer (Images courtesy grobag)By Andrew Liszewski

As much as new parents love spending time with their little bundles of joy I’m pretty sure they’d prefer junior to sleep through the night instead of crying until the wee hours of the morning. One way to encourage said behavior is to ensure the baby’s nursery is at a comfortable temperature for sleeping. This is where the grobag egg comes in, it’s a room thermometer that indicates the current temperature via an LCD display and by glowing a specific color.

Health professionals recommend a sleeping environment for babies with a temperate between 16-20°C. When placed in a room that falls into this range the grobag will glow yellow indicating conditions are ideal. However if the room temp is higher than this the egg will glow orange indicating things are a little warm (21-24°C) and then glow red when the room gets too hot (+24°C.) If the room temperature falls below 16°C though the egg will turn blue indicating conditions are too cold.

From what I can tell the grobag egg is only available from UK retailers at the moment and sells for about $40.

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  1. Very cool. These things are the number one sellers in the Toys and Games catagory of – pretty amazing that it is outselling monopoly….