By Andrew SineniDog Shammy

So we all have lots of toys on our desks. I have these fantastic toys called “pens” and “staplers.” I play in a wonderful world called “office” where munchkins and ewoks wrestle in the lush greenery I call my “desk.”

If you are not so fortunate to have been eating mushrooms all morning, you may want to consider getting yourself one of these Groomy things. For $8.50USD you can clean your desk monitor with this cute, cuddly Shiba Ken dog while crying your sorrows away. Oh yeah, by the way- Ken told Jamie that you called in sick because you had tickets for Bob Vila Live last Tuesday. Jamie is pissed. I heard this in the kitchen at lunch when Sally told Justin that she didn’t want to continue with the extramatiral affair they were having and he threw hot coffee in her face.

I need a drink.

You can purchase one of these creatures of the desk at


  1. Jamie is that bitch from accounting, Ken is the IT guy, and Sally, well… I am not even sure what she does. I am pretty sure she way layed off a few years ago… but still shows up to work (ok – so sorry for the office space reference.. jeez)

  2. Not knocking your writing skills, I was just confused greatly. Probably because I was not aware of the references to Office Space….I’ve never watched it. (I’m assuming it’s a tv show)