DNA Song

Want a song that you can truly call your own? Then create one with IDNAtity. It’s an app that lets you create your own theme song of sorts, even though you know close to nothing about writing or composing music.

IDNAtity mixes a bit of science with a lot of art. It essentially asks for information about your genetic makeup by asking you to upload a photo of yourself and answer questions about your appearance, like your hair color and eye color. The app also asks if you have dimples and if you can roll your tongue, because these details are, apparently, crucial in determining your genetic make-up..not.

DNA Song1

Anyway, once you provide all this information, the app then uses your generated genetic code to create a song. You can choose from a variety of instruments in rendering your DNA song, from steel drums to orchestra instruments.

IDNAtity can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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