Okay, so the updates have been sort of scarce lately. Which is why I offer you a bunch of quickie product posts, devoid of the usual witty commentary that makes this site so savoury…

Hitachi’s W22H slider phone.
W22H Hitachi
Cool slider phone from Hitachi with a ton of features: 1.24 megapixel CCD camera, 20-step digital 8x zoom, continuous shooting function, 2.4 inch QVGA LCD and ASF playback on optional SD card. Sure, the designes nothing new, but five years later, it’s still very Matrixy cool.

Check it out.

Not much to write home about here, just a pretty little (stress little) DAB player from Sony. Features a four-line backlit LCD display complete with clock and the capacity to store over 40 of your favourite stations. If you fall out of DAB coverage, you can always revert back to good ole radio. Radio?… We still have those?

Check it out.

Vertu Ascent, World’s Most Expensive Cell Phone.

The details are just too precious to list here. All that does need to be said is the pricetag: $3850. Oh, and yeah, something else. It has it’s own button connecting you to your concierge. So yeah, there you have it.

Read about it at GadgetryBlog.
Update: Sources tell me this is quite an old phone. Should have figured, as it looks kind of bricky. And has no bluetooth. And no camera. And the “concierge” button is nothing more than, well, speedial. Also, come to think of it, if you want to make a cellphone really expensive, why not just coat it in diamonds or magical feathers. Still, it looks like a Caddy, and that’s cool enough for me.