Guitar Hero DS And Accessories (Images courtesy IGN & Yahoo)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve avoided climbing aboard the Guitar Hero bandwagon (ha! bandwagon, get it?… oh wait, that joke would probably work better with Rock Band, nevermind) mostly because I don’t want a pile of plastic guitars gathering dust in the corner in 2 months. But I’ll definitely be slapping down some pre-order cash for the Nintendo DS version of the game. Instead of a miniature guitar that would probably still take away from the portable nature of the DS, Red Octane has developed the ‘Guitar Grip’ accessory which connects to the GBA slot and includes 4 fret buttons.

The Grip also includes a strap for keeping hold of the system while playing and even houses a special guitar pick stylus which is used to strum away on the DS’ touch screen. The built-in microphone will also be used, but probably to activate the ‘Star Power’ mode without having to take your hands away from the gameplay. The aptly named Guitar Hero: On Tour will feature 20 licensed songs from bands like Nirvana, OK Go and No Doubt and Activision is hoping to ship the game sometime this Summer.

[ Exclusive Reveal: Guitar Hero DS ] VIA [ Joystiq ]


  1. well i would mind purchasing ads since i already have a psp. as far as everything is concerned, i mean the interface, solidity, sounds, i'd probably give bet on the psp. but don't get me wrong, i have my own nintendo console, which is the wii. so it's like trying out two great consoles at the same time. The guitar hero is fun and great. ive downloaded stuffs from this Wii Download Guitar Hero site. Thanks.

  2. How nice! I really like this kind of things. It reminds me of the time when I was a kid and had fun playing with such things. Awesome. One thing is for sure, when I will have my own baby I will teach him this great 'art'.