Gupi The Guinea Pig: Version 3 (Image courtesy Gizoo)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Aibo required a lot of development on Sony’s part since it was designed to behave and act just like a real dog, arguably one of the more active creatures on our planet. Another company has taken the easy route instead and created Gupi the robotic guinea pig, arguably one of the least active creatures on our planet.

The interactive pet is packed with an array of sensors allowing it to realistically interact with people and even navigate its surroundings without bumping into things.

Infrared sensors in his eyes and nose prevent Gupi from walking into obstacles, light sensors tell it when it’s dark, an attitude sensor detects when it’s horizontal (free to roam) and vertical (being cuddled) while a pressure sensor on its back means it responds to being stroked.

It will even adopt different moods depending on how much attention it receives. If you ignore Gupi he’ll become nervous and shy but if you make a fuss over him he’ll be happy and less inclined to run away. And unlike the Aibo, Gupi is currently available from Gizoo for a reasonable $80.

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