Gyro Swing (Image courtesy SKLZ)By Andrew Liszewski

Well here’s something different. While most innovations in golf club design usually just consist of a slightly different head shape or use of materials, the Gyro Swing actually incorporates a 20,000 RPM gyroscope that supposedly forces your swing to stay on plane.

And not only does the Gyro Swing club help you feel the perfect swing, but it also provides resistance when your swing goes off-plane or has an early release, so you know when you’re doing things wrong. The gyroscope is powered by 6 x AAA rechargeable batteries (included) that you insert into the club’s handle, and the club’s head features a see-through plastic top revealing its inner workings. I’m just not 100% sure if you can actually use it for hitting balls, and I have to assume it’s not legal for official play.

The Gyro Swing is available from the SKLZ website for $199.99, and that includes an instructional DVD as well as a custom head cover.

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