Half-Scale Porsche 356 Looks Like The Perfect Commuter

Half-Scale Porsche 356 (Images courtesy Harrington Group)

Half-Scale Porsche 356 (Images courtesy Harrington Group)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though my current commute has me barely rolling out of bed in the morning to get to work, were I required to leave my home I think this half-scale Porsche 356 would be the funnest way to get there. While it’s probably designed with kids in mind, the “6 and up” rating means there’s really no limit to who can drive it, and the seat and pedals are adjustable to accommodate us taller types. It’s got a composite chassis and body shell and a range of gas engine options starting at a 50cc motor and going up to high-performance go-kart engine. Your choice of manual or automatic of course, including reverse.

Each half-scale Porsche 356 also includes disc brakes, electric starter, working lights and horn and rack and peanut pinion steering. The Harrington Group website doesn’t appear to be too forthcoming with prices, but given you can even customize the color of the body, the interior and the leather, you can bet they’ll come at a premium. But I’m sure they’re far cheaper than a real Porsche 356, and from the looks of it you can probably squeeze this thing into the elevator and your office at work, saving you from having to pay for parking every day. Sold!

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