You can’t help but be amazed at the longevity that the Star Wars franchise has, especially in the merchandise department. Granted, it’s partly because of people like us who constantly go on about all the things you can buy and who keep the brand alive, but we only do it because it still resonates with our readers. Take the above Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Door Decal for example. It’s a life-size $140 sticker that you place on your door. And we bet some of you are going to think “hey, that’s pretty cool!” Matter of fact, we don’t even hate it; we’re just impressed that 36 years after the first film came out people are still buying this stuff. Whether that’s a testament to how good the movies were or about how effective a marketing effort the folks at ILS (or whoever is behind this movement) are making, we’re not going to speculate. All we can do is tell you a bit more about this sticker and move on: it’s repositionable, and is finished in matte but you can ask for it to be done glossy.

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