Can’t afford to buy meat for dinner? Then you’ll just have to pair that bowl of rice with the smells of meat instead.

Apparently, that’s the idea behind the Hana Yakiniku, which is actually Japanese for “nose grilled meat.” It’s the newest cartridge that’s being offered by Scentee, which is an app that basically brings the concept of smell-o-vision to smartphones. In the case of the Hana Yakiniku, users will be able to take a whiff and breathe in the delicious smells of grilled short ribs, ox tongue, and buttered potatoes.

The scent cartridges and Scentee phone attachment is meant to be used with the Scentee app. Once it’s fired up, users can choose the scent they want to smell. The promo video that they’ve released for the meaty cartridge instructs users to eat plain white rice after breathing in the mouthwatering meat scents. As ridiculous as it seems, I can imagine people who would actually do it.

The Hana Yakiniku will be available on November 15, 2013.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]