Hands-Free Umbrella (Image courtesy Miles Kimball)By Andrew Liszewski

This umbrella has a special handle that allows it to fit over your shoulder and be held under your arm essentially freeing your hands so they can be used for other tasks like carrying packages or opening doors. It’s especially useful for die-hard sports fans who don’t want to miss a game due to bad weather but also don’t want to hold an umbrella for hours at a time.

While I definitely think it’s a clever idea unfortunately where I’m from the rain is usually accompanied by these nasty little things called storms and wind which can make holding an umbrella even with two hands almost impossible. For some reason the photo there doesn’t make me think holding this umbrella in rough weather would be any easier.

However if you’re lucky enough to live in parts of the continent with calmer weather you can get the hands-free umbrella from Miles Kimball for $11.99.

[Hands-Free Umbrella] VIA [bookofjoe]


  1. I can?t think of a time I?ve used an umbrella. Then again, I too live in a very windy ran zone. If not for the wind I?m sure those things would be useful.