1980 hard drive

By David Ponce

It’s fun to look back. Like, when you find out just how far we’ve come. In the picture here, you see an ad for a 10MB hard drive, back in 1980. It’s a refurbished model, though they also made’em brand new, at $4,495. That’s $8,876 and $11,415 in today’s adjusted dollars, respectively.

Also, take a look at another mainframe hard drive from 1985. Sexy little number, that one.

To put things in perspective, here’s where you can carry 16GB nowadays.

Fun stuff, eh?

[10MB Hard Disk for $3,495 ] VIA [TechEBlog]


  1. I want to post a retraction to my earlier comment that said TechEBlog didn’t give credit to Vintage Computing & Gaming. They did give credit which I didn’t see and I jumped to conclusions. That was *really* not cool. I was wrong and for that I want to apologize.