Monopoly gets special editions for everything. Star Wars Monopoly, Sunmaid Raisins Monopoly, Bass Fishing Monopoly, I think I’ve even seen a Tide Pod Challenge Monopoly, but now they’re really pushing the envelope with a version that embraces the act of cheating (sort of).

The special Cheaters Edition of Monopoly comes with special rules that which are a cheaters paradise. One addition is 15 Cheat Cards with instructions to carry out risky tasks; you gain a reward if you’re successful and you have to hand over money, or be handcuffed to the board game, if you get caught.

Sounds like fun, but let’s be real here, I’d still cheat. I’d still stuff mountains of cash in my pocket when no one is looking, and trust me, no one is looking. I’m an expert of Monopoly Larceny. Hell, I’d steal the 15 cheat cards too, just for the fun of it.

Still sound like a fun way to switch up the most iconic and frustrating board game known to mankind. Monopoly Cheaters Edition will be available for $20 and will release in the fall.

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