Heart Hole Punch (Image courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Have unreasonable deadlines, unpaid overtime and gossipy co-workers sucked the love out of your office? Well SUCK UK has just the cure. They’ve taken your standard metal hole punch and replaced the cold, sterile circle-shaped dies with heart shaped versions that turn every document into a symbol of the love you have for your job and those you work with. The fact that it’s only a 2-hole punch instead of a 3-hole is a little annoying, but if anyone complains you can just sprinkle them with heart-shaped confetti, I’m sure that will cheer them right back up! ~$16 (£10.00) available directly from SUCK UK.

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  1. The reason its a circle is because the stress points are even around the circle. With heart shape, the bottom corner of the heart has extra stress. Constant tugging will tear it there. Fun idea but not practical if you ask me.