Hela Glider Mouse (Images courtesy Hela)
By Andrew Liszewski

The standard side-by-side keyboard and mouse configuration has been around for a long time now even though it has been proven to be far from the most ergonomical layout.

UK-based company Hela has developed what they claim to be “a revolutionary ergonomic mouse” that’s not only easy to use but doesn’t look too bad either. Apparently having the “mouse” in a central position below the keyboard eliminates the painful motion of having to repeatedly reach over to the side whenever you need to move the cursor. And the mouse itself has been drastically improved too now looking more like a small air-hockey paddle that glides over a pad providing extremely precise pointer movements the company claims. The Glider Mouse also has 12 user-configurable buttons to suit individual needs and best of all requires no special drivers to use them.

If ensuring you’ll still be able to use your wrists past the age of 25 is important to you then the Glider Mouse’s ?149 price tag will probably seem like a bargain.

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  1. If it’s supposed to be ergonomic then why in god’s name did they attach their glorified touch pad to a laptop style keyboard? I don’t think there is a keyboard layout that is more cramped, uncomfortable and hard to use.

  2. what a piece of ****. If you wanted your mouse below your keyboard you would put it there, but it’s f*&%@#^ annoying and in the way. That is one of the problems with the laptop keyboard\mouse setup – now you can be uncomfordable on you desktop PC.