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Hello! Talk Bubble Paperclips Are Unnecessarily Cute

Hello! Talk Bubble Paperclips Are Unnecessarily Cute

Talk Bubble Paperclips (Image courtesy MoMA Store)By Andrew Liszewski

If that stack of documents you left on a co-worker’s desk has been completely ignored all week, you might want to try ditching those standard paper clips (or staples) for these overly cute Hello! Talk Bubble ones.

That way you can use them to draw attention to an important message like ‘Read this!’ or ‘Check out these compromising photos I took of you last night’ or even ‘We need to order more Hello! Talk Bubble paperclips.’

A tin of 25 Hello! paperclips is available from the MoMA Store for $8. Or you can just spend all of Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday bending your regular paperclips to look like these.

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