Heys Crown Edition Carry-On Luggage With Biometric Locks (Images courtesy Heys)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s no point in locking checked luggage when flying. If customs or security wants to take a look in your bag, they’re just going to circumvent anything you do. But carry-ons? Well that’s a different story. A little added security never hurts, and with this ‘Crown Edition’ carry-on luggage from Heys, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of those tiny keys either.

A built-in rechargeable biometric fingerprint reader ensures that only you, or 7 other people of your choosing, have access to your precious toiletries and change of underwear. And the shell is made from “nearly indestructible, 100% German polycarbonate” which is important to note because Germany is well-known for their polycarbonate. (Actually I have no idea if that’s true.) There’s a bunch of other high-end features outlined on the Heys’ website which don’t sound as fun as biometrics or German plastic, but how else are you going to convince people to spend $2,200 on a carry-on?

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