It seems surprising that you would need a piece of tech to remind you when you need to drink; you feel thirst, after all, don’t you? Yet, there’s considerable interest in HidrateMe, a Bluetooth-connected 24oz. water bottle that glows when you’ve gone too long without drinking from it. It’s blown past its $35,000 funding goal and is currently sitting at $108,875, which means a good number of you have accepted the notion that a gentle nudge to consume more water is something you want. Well, ok then, HidrateMe does that by glowing an inner LED when you’ve gone too long without a sip, and it also tracks your overall H2O consumption, because data. “The app also integrates with your wearables to help tune your water goals even more accurately to your activities. Using your location, the app can adjust your daily water goal depending on the temperature, humidity, and elevation of your surroundings.”

Its design is attractive, and so is its price point: $45.



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