Want to take a pic of that cute girl sitting next to you, but don’t want her to notice? Yeah… don’t. It’s creepy. But if you’re going to do it anyway, the HiLo Lens can help you avoid detection a lot better than whatever subtle techniques you think you might have developed. It’s an iPhone lens attachment that swivels and allows you to take right-angle pictures, meaning you can hold your phone in your hands like you’re texting, but in fact you’re shooting stuff to your left (or right… or even up). It features superior optics so there’s no image degradation and you do capture the entire field of view.

Now please, for the sake of decency, don’t be taking creepshots, ok? To be fair, the HiLo was created with the intention of giving you more freedom to shoot from interesting angles. And like a lot of tech, we like it in principle. It’s really all about how it’s used. It’s $60 with a pledge on Kickstarter. The campaign is not fully funded, but if it reaches its goal, shipping is scheduled for February 2013.

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