By Chris Scott Barr

I think we’ve all seen those little magnetic key holders that some people stash under their car. These are great for emergency situations, such as getting locked out of your car. However, they aren’t great for stashing your keys when you’re out on the boat, or somewhere else that you can’t really keep your keys. However, if you’re a truck owner, there is a perfect solution out there for you. It’s called the Hitch Safe.

As you no doubt imagined, the Hitch Safe is a small safe that locks in your hitch receiver. It locks in with a pair of bolts, and keeps your things secure. It is crafted from coated metal, with four chrome dials that won’t rust. There’s even a rubber cover to keep it less conspicuous while protecting it from dirt. It’s large enough to keep keys, cash, credit cards any other small items when you’re away from your vehichle. $70 is a little salty, but will pay for itself quickly if you tend to lock yourself out of your truck.

[ HitchSafe ] VIA [ RedFerret ]