Hitch To Offer Computerless File Transfers


hitch sima productsBy David Ponce

Hitch USB-101 , from company Sima Products lets you transfer files between two USB 2.0 devices without using a computer. The nice thing about it is that it seems to be compatible with a wide range of devices, from iPods to digital cameras to thumb drives (whether of the shrimp variety or not). Just plug the source device at one end, and the destination at the other, and Hitch will do all the work. It’ll recognize what’s plugged in, and display the contents so you can select what to send. At 2.0 speeds, an average sized song will take about 5 seconds to transfer.

What else do we dig about Hitch?

It?s built on a Linux platform, which is fully upgradeable. A future software development kit will be available direct from Sima, for power users that would like to add functionality to the already numerous uses of Hitch

It’ll be available this month from various retailers, as well as online at Sima Products for $150.