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Holocube Is Your Personal 3D Projector

By Evan Ackerman

When I think of a holographic display, I’m not thinking of some kind of flat panel that fakes a 3D image. What I think of is something straight out of numerous scenes in Star Wars: objects with depth, projected into midair that I can view from any angle (kinda like this). Holocube is just about exactly what I want, except inside a box. It’s able to project a full color, 1080i 3D video into its 20-inch diameter chamber, which is supposed to be viewable from any angle. The unit can play about 18 hours of compressed video off of its internal 40gb HD, and features USB connectivity and one button operation. It seems to be aimed squarely at product marketing, which unfortunately means that it most likely costs several tens of thousands of dollars… I hope I’m wrong about the pricing, but I bet I’m not. I guess the future is not quite here yet.

[ Holocube ] VIA [ Engadget ]