By Michelle Cheung

Okay, I think this probably just some sea monkey or something similar. But since the tank has a more interesting shape, that makes it worth mentioning.

Here we have Holoholo (in Hawaiian, that means wandering). Floating inside, little red shrimps in size of 1-2cm; great pets for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with maintance. All you need to do is pour some of that “Xwater” back in every now and then. If you want to know what Xwater is, feel free to read the long BS description.

And if you want your Holoholo warm and toasty, there is also the heater pad up for sale! Too bad it’s not USB friendly.

Check out Holoholo.


  1. […] by Robert Strohmeyer function commlink(blog_id, entry_id, user, ncomments) { if (ncomments) { url = ‘’; } else { url = ‘control.comment?a=add’; } url += ‘&entry_id=’ + entry_id; commwin =, ‘comments’, ‘resizable,scrollbars’); commwin.focus(); } Tuesday, 21 February 2006 Holoholo Could Dethrone Sea Monkeys As World’s Best Desktop Pet Topic: Other Chances are all of us have experienced the thrill of unpacking our first box of Sea Monkeys, filling the little plastic tank with water and pouring in the contents of those tiny egg packets, only to watch in disappointment and dismay as the itty bitty brine shrimp wiggled ineffectually around under the tank’s magnifying glass bubbles before gradually dying out. Now you can relive that joy all over again with Holoholo, a tiny desktop shrimp aquarium that looks infinitely more entertaining. Unlike Sea Monkeys, the Holoholo shrimp look like actual little red shrimp. So you don’t need a magnifying glass to watch them wiggle. And it comes with handy little cleaning squeegees to keep your tank sparkling. So far it looks like these are only available in Japan, at a price of about US$17. [Via OhGizmo] Posted at 9:23 AM PST | post your comment (2) | link to this post […]

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