Honestly Officer, I Didn’t Know What The Speed Limit Was


By Jonathan Kimak

Ok, maybe you will tell the police officer that caught you speeding that you didn’t know the speed limit when you really did know. But sometimes you get distracted for a second because you’re switching tracks on your iPod and you miss seeing the sign and the next sign might be 10 miles away. That one second distraction could cost you hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets.

Vauxhall Motors, a British subsidiary of General Motors, has come up with a camera to fix that problem and possibly save you money. The optional camera takes 30 pictures a second and analyzes the pictures with image recognition software to detect all the speed limit signs it passes and then posts the current limit on the dashboard of the car.

The system will debut in Vauxhall’s upcoming Insignia sedan and might be available for 2010 models of cars in the US. Of course if you do have this in your car and are speeding, you’ll have a far harder time trying to explain how you didn’t know the speed limit when you have a big light that says 65 on your dash.

VIA [ Kicking Tires ]