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So you’ve run out of battery or left your phone at home, and you need to call or send someone a message. You can borrow your friend’s phone, but there’s little you can do if you can’t remember the number of the person who you want to reach…unless he’s got the Hotel My Phone app, that is. It’s a nifty app that lets you check in to a “smartphone hotel.”

There, you’ll be able to log in securely and message or call your contacts using your number, even when you aren’t using your phone.

Hotel My Phone app

Securely check-in to a smartphone hotel (on your friend’s phone) to Message and Call with your number! Instantly see your own phone contacts, send/receive your app messages and make phone calls, all with your regular phone number. Even send SMS (from a generic number) when you need it. Let your friends do the same in your hotel app & earn stars.

You can download Hotel My Phone for free here.

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