Hotshoe Geotagging For DSLRs


By Evan Ackerman

di-GPS N2

It’s always tough writing about DSLRs. Why? Because I don’t have one, and I really really really want one. Things like the di-GPS N2 aren’t making it any easier. It’s a GPS interface that mounts onto the flash shoe of your DSLR, recording time and location information (with up to 5 meter accuracy) directly into your digital image files, for one click geotagging capability. It features a sensitive 20 channel SiRFstar III receiver with WAAS, an integrated antenna, and plug-n’-play operation, all of which you’d expect for the $300 price tag. I guess I don’t have to feel so bad, though, since at the moment the di-GPS only works with Nikon DSLRs and the Fujifilm S5 Pro, and I’d like to get myself a Canon. Only 135 days until my birthday…

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