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How About A $460 Yo-Yo?

How About A $460 Yo-Yo?

YoYoFactory Catch 22 (Image courtesy YoYo Nation Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

I went through the yo-yo phase when I was younger, and I can remember when spending $10 on a ‘premium’ wooden yo-yo seemed like a major investment. But at some point I decided a career in yo-yo-ing just wasn’t for me, probably because I was pretty sure you couldn’t actually make a career out of yo-yo-ing. But looking at the Catch 22 from YoYoFactory with its $459.99 price tag, I assume someone has to be making money doing it. The unique looking yo-yo is limited to just 70 pieces and features an all-aluminum black bead-blasted body and titanium rims. So at least that explains some of the cost.

Other features include an angular tapered design which reduces the overall friction on the string, a long spinning DOROTHY large-sized bearing with a silicone response system, laser etched rims and it even comes in its own padded Pelican case complete with extra bearings, response pads, string and axles. At the moment the Yo Yo Nation Store has 16 of the Catch 22s for sale, so you better act fast because at this price they’re sure to be all snatched up in about 3 years time.

[ YoYoFactory Catch 22 ] VIA [ Uncrate ]