By Shane McGlaun

Hulu is my favorite video site thanks to the hoards of old TV shows that are available for free. YouTube is Ok, but I prefer the decently made content at Hulu to the stuff that is often poorly made at YouTube. YouTube is still the most successful video site online, but Hulu is moving up.

ComScore has released the video site numbers for March. According to the company, YouTube led in online videos viewed generating 99% of the 5.9 billion videos view on Google properties. Second place for the month went to Fox Interactive Media with 437 million videos viewed.

For the first time ever Hulu moved into the top three video sites with 380 million videos viewed over the month. ComScore reports that in total 14.5 billion videos were viewed by U.S. Internet users in March and the average viewer watched 5.5 hours of online video.

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