freeset human locator

By David Ponce

Let me just start off saying that no amount of description will be able to capture the awesomness of the Human Locators from Canadian company Freeset. That’s why it’s imperative that you follow the link and check out the videos.

That said, the Human Locators are interactive tables being used in some Vegas clubs. An overhead projector shines a video down on the table. Then, if you move your hand over it, a motion detector picks up on your hand’s presence, and alters the image in incredible ways, to make it seem like you’re actually interacting with whatever objects are being projected. For instance, in “water” mode, you hand’s shadow will be seen causing realistic real-time water ripples, all across the table. In “bubble” mode, small bubble-like objects fills the table, and your hand can move them around, in amusing ways.

As I said, there’s really no way to describe this right. Just follow the links, and see for yourselves.

[Human Locators] VIA [SciFi Tech]