Hydrogen Fuel Cell Toy (Image courtesy Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

Those that have been following the H-Racer will be happy to hear that the world’s smallest hydrogen fuel cell car is now available for sale. For those who haven’t the H-Racer is basically a motorized toy car powered only by hydrogen. And since most kids probably don’t have tanks of hydrogen gas lying around there’s also a solar-powered electrolyzer available that creates hydrogen from water and can be used refill the H-Racer. No batteries or extension cords are ever needed here.

The whole idea of course is to get kids interested and used to hydrogen as an alternative fuel source in hopes they’ll grow up to be adults who also promote the clean fuel alternative. Perhaps a toy that gets kids interested in getting off their duff and actually walking somewhere wouldn’t hurt as well.

The H-Racer is available on the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies website for $40. The hydrogen fuel station is available as an add-on for an additional $40.

[Hydrogen Fuel Cell Toy] VIA [I4U News]


  1. is it just me, or does this thing not turn at all?

    When I first saw it a month ago, or whenever we all first heard about it, it looked like a pretty cool idea. Now that it’s available, I took a second look. There’s no radio to control it, and it doesn’t appear to have any steering mechanism.

    So basically, I just charge up the fuel cell, and turn on the car? It drives itself as far from me as it can get, then I have to go chase it down, bring it back to the charging station, and charge it up again, right?

    Wow, and all this for only 80 bucks plus shipping?

  2. I now have one and it is cool! To answer all the questions:
    straight only, no remote, $80 includes car & station & solar panel, it runs between 2min and 4min per fill, it goes about as slow as an 8 year can stand to walk or about as fast as an 80 year old can walk, delivered in 6 days from shanghai, good fit and finish but car pulls slightly to the right (5cm over 3m).
    All round – great toy.