By Wesley Dores

That’s it. The 90’s are back, and that’s a fact. Here’s an article to prove it:

BONDS have re-released their product which caused quite a stir in the early to mid nineties. Yes folks those crazy Hypercolour T-shirt’s are back!

Bonds has re-launched the infamous T-shirt from the early ’90s that changed tone with your rising temperature, or someone else’s – this time in the form of a Bonds Hot Spot Chesty singlet.

Bonds ambassador Sarah Murdoch, who returned to live in Sydney this week, says she is enjoying the T-shirt for the first time.

“I think I was too much of a square ballerina to be in them the first time around,” Mrs Murdoch said.

The T-shirt that changes colour when it reacts to body heat was a big hit everywhere from barbies to the dance floor during its first craze.

However, it almost became just as famous for the fact the colour changing qualities seemed to fade out after a couple of goes in the wash.

The company claims that won’t be the case this time around with new “macro emulsion” technology making the colour last longer.

Bonds thinks the T-shirt has another summer left in it and resurrected it for the company’s 90th anniversary.Story VIA


  1. Did they have to use a blonde, very tanned girl with french manicured nails for the picture? Normally women like her don’t bother me, but she just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

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