By David Ponce

The video above shows craftsmanship and engineering prowess of such a degree that I remained transfixed for the duration of the 10 minute video. It shows a Spanish man machining every single part of a tiny V-12 engine and then proceeding to assemble the thing. Here are some details on the engine:12 cm3 of displacement (making it a… 12mL engine?), the diameter of the cyllinder is 11,3 mm and the stroke of the pistons 10mm. It runs on compressed air though it could conceivably run on gas; the guy didn’t want to “contaminate” the air with combustion gasses. There are 261 parts, 222 screws and it took him 1,220 hours to complete. It’s a one-off creation, is not for sale and is meant to instruct viewers on the inner workings of such an engine.

VIA [ BoingBoing ]


  1. Maestro, mis mejores felicitaciones por esta obra magistral de precisión y conocimiento, se lo dice un modelista profesional con 53 años de experiencia. Este pequeño motor, es una verdadera obra de Arte. Cual es su destino? 
    Mil gracias por el placer de verlo trabajar. Rafael Ramírez. 

  2. Yes, beautiful. But this is in reality a pneumatic motor as it is driven by compressed air. And note at 3:47, the camshaft gears and crankshaft gears are the same diameter (and thus turn at the same speed) making this a 2-stroke cycle valve train. As such, this device can only function as a motor and not an engine. Those who know will understand, those who don’t can scratch their head.