And yet here we are, looking at an unwieldy creation from a trio of Czech companies. Featuring two grotesquely huge propellers, the 209lbs remote controlled bike was indeed airborne in front of a group of reporters for all of five minutes. A styrofoam dummy had to be used instead of a human because the rig needs more powerful propellers if it hopes to be able to carry a human payload. We’re not sure what kinds of speeds it reached but seeing as the test was done indoors, we’re guessing not very fast. All of which brings the question of why? On the road this thing would be impractical; it’s too wide and long to be of any use. Not to mention that to land a 4+ wheeled flying vehicle is pretty hard as it is, so imagine on two wheels? No one in their right mind would ever agree to ride one so… Right? No, clearly this is more of a proof of concept than anything that could turn into an actual product. We’re glad the Czech are having fun.

[ AP Article ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]