By Evan Ackerman

The ocean is a big place. It gets boring. So, you might as well bring along some music if you’re going to go exploring the murky depths. Whale songs, Under the Sea on endless loop, that kind of thing. The H2O iDive 300 is designed for the serious scuba diver, able to keep your tunes high and dry 300 feet down. An integrated dock and microprocessor allow for control of touch wheel and even touch screen iPods through external buttons. The headphones can be tucked under your dive hood, or clip directly onto your mask strap.

The coolest part, I think, is that since you can get cases for the iPod video and the iPod touch, you can watch movies underwater. Underwater movies! The future is here, man! It’s the perfect accessory to have along for decompression dives and safety stops as long as you have Finding Nemo queued up. The $350 retail price seems like a lot, but it shouldn’t surprise you that much if you’ve ever bought any dive gear. Oh, and if anyone knows of any music that’s likely to attract charismatic macrofauna, be sure and let me know.

[ H2O Audio ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]