iExpander Upgrades Your iPhone in More Ways than One



Need to make a call, only to look at your phone and discover that you’re running on your last five minutes of power? Want to capture a gorgeous sunset as it happens, only to take a couple of shots using your iPhone and realize that the light’s too low to produce any good images? Transferring a couple gigabytes’ worth of your favorite shows so you can watch them on the plane, only to discover that you’ve run out of space? These are three of the most common problems that iPhone users experience, and also the three commonest problems that the folks behind the iExpander have chosen to take on.

The iExpander is a case of sorts that will provide extra power and additional storage space for your iPhone so it won’t let you down, especially during the times when you need it the most. It also improves the camera by adding LEDs and extending the length of the flash which work to improve the quality of shots drastically.

The iExpander is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $75 will get you your very own Black iExpander.