By Luke Anderson

I can’t imagine how much peanut butter I’ve managed to waste in my lifetime. I’m not even talking about the stuff that gets stuck on my fingers and wiped on my pants. No, I have a bad habit of throwing out the jar while there is still plenty of peanut butter to be had at the bottom. I just don’t enjoy trying to scrape it out with a knife whilst getting my hand covered in the stuff.

This cool double-ended jar seems like it would be perfect for always getting out the last of your peanut butter. Just flip it over and scrape out what’s left. You’d probably be surprised at how many sandwiches you’d manage to get out of it. Unfortunately I don’t see companies jumping on board with this design. It will likely cost them more to produce, and since people will be getting more out of their peanut butter, they would be selling less.

[ Sherwood Forlee ] VIA [ Dvice ]