Throwing stuff into a slow-cooker is both a lazy and a delicious way to cook. Done right, you get some tender meats and pretty powerful flavours, but lets face it: everything is soupy and to this editor, unexciting. That’s ok, that’s how some people roll. But if you want to take your slow-cooking skills to, say, a pot-luck dinner 6 hours away, it’s not normally going to work. Unless you get the Wonderbag. It’s a highly insulated bag in which you insert a pot with all your ingredients and boiling water. Seal it in, and the heat that you already put in stays in, cooking the food, albeit even more slowly than a regular crock pot. Granted it’s probably not super safe to be moving a gallon of boiling water anywhere, in a bag or not, but the idea here isn’t so much the portability of the procedure as much as the fact that it allows you to slow cook while using a lot less electricity. And for some, that’s important. Also, you can take a trip to the pub and not worry about leaving a hot appliance on in the house.

It’s $122.


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