iLuv Unveils iHD171 HD Radio


By Luke Anderson

Ever since Scosche spoiled me with their passPORT, I’ve been wanting a nice radio that my iPhone can dock with. Alas, it’s still rather difficult to find one that will recharge my iPhone, and not make that annoying buzzing sound now and again. Thankfully iLuv has seen this as a problem as well, and sought to fill the apparent void.

The iLuv iHD171 HD Radio has just about every feature you’d want from a home dock. You’ve got the simple stuff like a dual alarm clock, TV output and AM/FM radio with song title display. Then you’ve got the really cool stuff like an HD Radio tuner and iTunes Tagging. If you’re not familiar with iTunes Tagging, when you hear a song played in HD, you can have your iPod (or iPhone) remember that song’s info so that you can download it later. The unit also charges any iPod or iPhone and even has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for hooking up other devices. Look for this to go on sale next month for $199.

VIA [ iLuv ]