Pirates Themed Home Theater (Images courtesy Elite Home Theater Seating)
By Andrew Liszewski

Currently under construction at a home in Palm Beach, Florida, this Pirates themed theater was commissioned by Elite Home Theater Seating with a building and design cost of about $2.5 million. While it’s not officially licensed by Disney or anything, it’s pretty obvious the design aesthetics were inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and not Cutthroat Island. So what does that much money get you? Well everything from an over-the-top entrance complete with ticket booth and a fully-dressed tavern in the lobby that overlooks the pirate ship deck screening room. Too bad it wasn’t completed before the less than stellar 4th Pirates outing though.

[ Pirate Themed Home Theater ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]


  1. do you only want ‘one’ idea? ­čśë

    not officially licensed eh? I see a┬álitigious future for this guy once the mouse see’s these pictures!┬á

    my son will love this! if i can remember to show him when i get home hah!