By Evan Ackerman

The iNAVI K7 is not quite as cool as this. Or this. But it sure beats the pants off of just about any other GPS system I can think of when it comes to the display, which (being the bit that shows you where you’re going) is rather important. And, it’s an actual product that you can buy, which is a major plus. The iNAVI K7 from Thinkware doesn’t just give you a 3D view of your route, with detailed lane markings, but it also incorporates 3D buildings with textures. And trees. And streetlights and crosswalks and who knows what else. You’ll barely have to look out the windshield. All of this stuff is displayed on a gorgeous 7″ WVGA touchscreen, with a svelte set of clear backlit controls on the side. It takes SDHC cards, plays mp3s and videos and games and ebooks (?), and includes a geomagnetic sensor to help keep itself accurate.

I should probably mention that when I said that it’s an actual product you can buy, I meant exactly that, as long as you live in South Korea… Anywhere else and you won’t get the nifty 3D database. Cost: a shade under $500.

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