Zoo Jeans

Got a passion for fashion? Well, so do the animals at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, Japan. A volunteer group called the Mineko Club teamed up with the zoo to create the Zoo Jeans which are truly like no other. These distressed pants are ripped and customized by none other than the tigers, lions, and bears of the zoo!

The handlers basically wrapped the animals’ favorite toys–rubber balls and old tires–in denim and gave it back to them. After they’re done gnawing and clawing at their denim-wrapped toys, the denim was then used to make the Zoo Jeans.

Zoo Jeans1

Only a limited number of jeans were made. They were sold at a charity auction to raise funds for the Kamine Zoo and for the World Wildlife Fund. You can check out the clip below to see the making of the Zoo Jeans, starring the ferociously playful animals from Kamine.


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  1. Really? So this is what is considered “fashion” these days? Buying brand new jeans that are already full of holes and ripped to shit? Idiots will buy anything these days…