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InstyMeds Is Like An ATM For Pharmaceuticals

InstyMeds Is Like An ATM For Pharmaceuticals

InstyMeds Prescription Dispenser (Image courtesy InstyMeds)By Andrew Liszewski

If Ken Rosenblum has his way (I’m pretty sure that’s not him in the pic), getting a prescription filled could be as quick and easy as withdrawing money from an ATM is. He created the InstyMeds dispenser after learning there was a nationwide shortage of pharmacists which not only led to fewer pharmacies being open late at night, but longer lines as well.

Of course the InstyMeds still requires a prescription before you can make a withdrawl, but using custom software a doctor can make an InstyMeds-compatible prescription in about 10 clicks. You then take this prescription (which has a special barcode on it) to the dispenser, and the machine will automatically fill an appropriately sized bottle with the required medication, and will also print a custom label that includes instructions and warnings. Payments can be made right from the dispenser either with a credit card, or by billing your health insurance provider. While the current model of the InstyMeds only holds about 100 different drugs, apparently 45 of those drugs represent 80% of what is prescribed by doctors, so it should be able to accommodate a good majority of the people needing non-OTC medications.

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