ccg2So you like wine. You like it so much, you bought that expensive looking wine bar. You even have one of them cellars, with thousands of bottles. Yet, you’re technologically challenged and keep track of your collection on good ole paper. Well my friend, the times, they are a-changin!

Meet the IntelliScanner. It’s basically a barcode scanner wirelessly (or not, there’s a USB 1.1 option) connected to your computer. It comes with special software that connects to an internet database of over 51 000 wines and will instantly add all sorts of pertinent wine information to your database.

As mentioned, there are two versions. A Bluetooth (pictured) at 349$ and a USB wired version at 249$. Both come bundled with the special software and should make a nice addition to any wine collector’s arsenal.

Check out the product page.

Via Gadgetryblog.


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