By Evan Ackerman

The only reason that advertisers haven’t put billboards across sidewalks and in store entryways is that smashing your face into an ad isn’t likely to motivate you to buy the product (perhaps with some exceptions). Thanks to FogScreen, you can now look forward to walkthrough advertising blocking your path and eroding your sanity via a standard video projector and a laminar screen of fog.

FogScreen works by using ultrasound to blast water into teeny little vapor droplets, so teeny that they travel with air as opposed to through air, which means that you don’t get wet when you walk through the falling droplets… Although, the 2.5 gallons per hour of tap water it spits out has to end up somewhere, so I might not run one of these things over your priceless oriental rug. The FogScreen won’t take any prizes for image quality, but besides the undeniably awesome walkthrough factor, it’s also able to produce interactive images. Infrared sensors on one side of the screen are able to track hand motions, letting you draw directly on the fog:

The FogScreen comes in a standard 100 inch diagonal model, or in 50 inch linkable models that you can make crazy big screens with, as long as you can handle the price tag of $40,000 each.

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  1. for those of you who may not get out much, Disney has had a version of this for a while in its Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Near the beginning of the ride, it projects an image of Davey Jones talking directly to you as if he were a hologram. Then you go through the cold mist which gives you the shivers (as in, me timbers?).