Anyone that cycles will tell you: carrying a lock everywhere is essential, but cumbersome. The Interlock system aims to solve that problem by stuffing a long cable and lock within a specially designed seat post. Once you need to secure your bike, simply pull it out of the post and wrap it around the bike frame and an external object (like a bike rack). You can attach the cable in several different manners, some of which make it impossible to steal your post, or rear wheel. You can even combine the Interlock cable with a regular U-lock to render your ride extra secure. Any bike can be retrofitted with this system in a manner of minutes; you simply have to replace your old seat post with this one. The cable is pretty long, although we have no details on the strength of the materials. Sure, this won’t work for those that are extra paranoid about theft, or competitive cyclists who think that a carbon fiber post actually makes a difference. But for the casual to moderate cyclist looking for a convenient way to secure their bike, this is pretty decent. It’s $39 on pre-order at Kickstarter, and the project is halfway to being funded.

Hit the jump for a video of it in action, as well as a few more pictures and links.

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